We believe in the importance of rules and regulations to ensure a fun experience for all. As such, on this page we provide you with the information you require to be able to be a fair player on our servers.

No cheating or hacking of any kind (such as using tools or macros)
If you are suspected of using such tools, you can count on there being a full investigation into the matter. If found guilty, you can expect to be permanently banned across all of our servers. We believe in a fair experience for everyone, so don’t ruin it.


Offensive Names or avatars:
Names or avatars deemed to be offensive by the server admins shall not be allowed on the servers. If a name is deemed offensive, the player will be asked to immediately change their name/avatar or they will be kicked from the server. If they return without having changed their name/avatar, a 24 hour ban will be issued.

The Official language of all the servers and forums is English. At all times, English should be spoken on the servers. IF you can not speak English, then not only are you not reading these rules, BUT you will be told in English to only speak English. IF you continue speaking in any other language, you will be kicked from the server. This is to ensure that all players can understand each other. This may seem unfair to some, BUT this is the decision of the community who has many members and is led by a person who speaks English as a second language.

At no time will excessive foul language be allowed on the servers or forums. This includes, but is not limited to any hateful, derogatory, racial, sexist or otherwise offensive comments. The occasional swear is acceptable, but at no time should any hateful or offensive comments as described above be allowed on the BM digital property. Trying to circumvent this by intentionally misspelling words will result in the same punishment either way; because it’s not just the word itself; it is also the intent that is against the rules.

Spamming of text shall not be allowed which includes the same text or varying text, entered at a fast rate as to take up the entire chat box with a single users messages. Legitimate messages involving the game shall not be considered spam unless it is done very fast and is deemed to be done with the sole intent as to annoy others.

Mic Spam:
At no time shall mic spamming be allowed on the servers. This is defined as any voice chat that is deemed excessive such as “jarbled” mics that also have feed-back and excessive echo, playing music over the mic, holding onto the talk key while saying things that are considered “random” such as general BS and random noises.

You may use votekick to kick troublesome players, but you may not abuse it to get the servers to yourselves or to kick someone you just don’t like. Unless said person is breaking the rules, a votekick should not be made. Abusing this function will result in severe punishment.

If you ask people to leave, votekick them out to play alone or similar, you can expect a hefty punishment. The servers are there for everyone; not just you and your friends.

Abusing the call for staff feature:
Only ask for help if you need it. If you call for staff for no reason, you may be subject to punishment.

Racist / Religious / Sexist Slurs –

This shall result in an immediate ban for 3 months, no warning, no slaying gag/mute or kick. Ban becomes the very first and ONLY step.

These can offend more people than anything else and can easily kill a server if left unchecked. If they want to be let back on the servers, they will need to request an appeal. However, this will include a minimum of a 1 month ban on the servers, and will be voted on by senior admins if the ban should be lifted early. Views like these often times stay with a person for life, so the chances of them changing their ways in this regard are slim. Given that and the extreme damage this can do to a server, it justifies the ban. It is very rare that anything should justify this, but this is one of those things.

Listen to the staff
If a staff member asks you to stop doing something, stop doing it. You are most likely bothering either them or someone else.

General Disrespect to Staff
Disrespect against a staff member shall not be tolerated. This includes anything from vulgar language, to generally talking back to an admin in a negative way that is deemed to not be helpful to any given situation. This shall include “abuse calling” when it is unjust or repeated over and over. If there is an issue with a staff member, please use the following form to submit a report. This will ONLY be seen by senior staff: (coming soon again)

Disrespect to players
We see this all the time with people calling each other names, making fun of squeeky voices, and this shall not be tolerated. If you can not respect other players, then you have no place on our servers. A little trash talking occasionally to the other team is fine and just a natural part of gaming but targeting a single person because you think you are better than them will be a quick way to be booted from the server. Follow the basic rule…. if you cant say anything nice, dont say anything at all.

Sexual Harassment:
At no time will sexual harassment be allowed on the servers. If you are found to do this, you may be muted/gagged or kicked from the server. If you continue, like most other rules you may be banned from the server for a time.

Prop Surfing / Pushing:
At no time shall any player use a prop the the intent to “surf” through the air, pushing players, pushing props into players to cause death, or throwing of a prop to intentionally, or unintentionally cause death. Running around with a random prop in hand that can cause injury, like a barrel or box for no other reason but to hold it and throwing props across a room or map shall fall under this category.

Ghosting in any sense is disallowed. For instance, if you are spectating, you cannot tell people where the players are in any way. 

No avoiding being a certain role
For instance, by switching to spectator and back to avoid being a hider.

 No hiding in places where it is near impossible to find you
Such as water. You must be visible to some extent

At no time will leaning a prop into a wall or another prop be allowed. It is acceptable if a small portion of the prop is inside of a wall or prop, but the majority must remain outside of other props.

Switching teams once or twice is fine as along as it is to join a friend or to balance the teams. Excessive teamswitching will be punished.

Glitching shall at no time be allowed on the servers. This means entering into any areas that are out of the “normal play area” and will follow a common sense ruling.

It is not allowed to block the doors with anything but props themselves. It is okay to push props towards the doors to block them, but not to stand at the bottom part of it and blocking it.

Texture Glitching
At no time will leaning a prop into  map item/wall or player as to limit the amount of the prop seen be allowed. The exception to this shall be that if while standing up, the prop allows you to pass through it. However, even if this is the case, the player is not allowed to rotate down so that their entire prop or even most of it is inside of it. A common practice that is not allowed is rotating a “kleiner” into a wall or other object, leaving only the feet exposed. This is not allowed.

At not time will it be allowed for a player to “ghost” and then inform the hunter team where the props are located at.

Traitorous Acts

If you do any of these acts and get/have been seen by a player they can call a KOS on you and or immediately shoot you

  • Breaking Bridges
  • Slapping weapons out of people’s hands
  • Blocking or obstructing the traitor tester
  • Unprovoked Grenade throwing (discomb and incend, please dont get startled by a smoke grenade)
  • Random Shooting (anywhere near players, or in the direction of players)
  • Equipping traitor-only weaponry without telling anyone from who you got it from (is not RDM if innocent and killed for the reason of holding the item however as there is a good chance a person did not hear or see a message regarding it)
  • Activating/enabling traps (this includes activating/enabling traps for the use of the traitor like the doors on ttt_airbus)
  • Hiding ore/gold blocks etc
  • Breaking the Traitor tester
  • Trapping/blocking of persons (and not stopping after they ask you to move)
  • Charging the axe/prop that kills
  • Saying you are a Traitor
  • Shooting explosive barrels near other players, or held by players (or running around with explosives near someones face for more than a few seconds in total)
  • Pointing a gun at someones head (close range)
  • Not identifying bodies that you run past

You are not allowed to force people to get tested
People can say no to being tested for whatever reason they may have (they may not want to go to the tester due to them suspecting the traitor is next to it etc). You may not kill someone or block someone who is refusing to get tested. You may however say that they are being suspicious (it is however not a traitorous act). The detective overrules this however. If the detective asks you to step into the tester, and you refuse; they may issue a suitable punishment (up to them). This gives the detective far more power and also gives the traitors more of an incentive to kill the detective as quickly as possible. Without the detective, nobody can force you to get tested ^^

Calling someone out as a traitor
You are not allowed to accuse someone of being a traitor unless you have irrevocable proof (eg. you saw them use/equip a traitor weapon or similar).

Random deathmatching (RDM)
Killing someone without solid proof that they are the traitor or not is disallowed. You cannot simply assume and kill someone because of that. Randomly killing people “for fun” is also disallowed and will get you slain or possibly kicked. If the kill is an accident, you may still be killed by other players during the whole ordeal before staff get a chance to look at your case. If we find proof that it was in fact accidental, or if there are witnesses to back this fact up; you may avoid punishment.

Prop Surfing / Pushing / Killing:
At no time shall any player use a prop the the intent to “surf” through the air, pushing players to death, pushing props into players to cause death, or throwing of a prop to intentionally, or unintentionally cause death. Running around with a random prop in hand that can cause injury, like a barrel or box for no other reason but to hold it and throwing props across a room or map shall fall under this category.

Hurting people/disrupting gameplay as a ghost (possession of a prop)
Feel free to mess around, but it must not be disruptive to the gameplay and you are not allowed to hurt anyone. If you do hurt people, expect to get punished.

You are allowed to shoot at props in order to kill others IF you have proof that they are the traitor or if you are the traitor yourself.
Moving bodies shall not fall under this category as they can not injure someone. Throwing an explosive barrel, unless specified as to remove the barrel from that area (such as on roof tops) shall not be considered in this category, unless the purpose of moving it shall be to injure/kill others.

Moving props to a location without the intent to hit a player with the prop, but with the intent of using it to block an area (see exception for prop blocking in the “Claiming Areas” section), or explode in a certain area (in the case of a traitor) shall be allowed.

Ghosting in any sense is disallowed. For instance, if you are dead, you cannot tell people who the traitors are in any way. You are ONLY ever allowed to tell who the traitor is if you have definitive proof. If you gang up with a friend and you tell him who the traitors are etc that is also ghosting. Unless you have solid proof, it will be an rdm.

Killing oneself/suiciding on purpose 
You are not allowed to kill yourself or suicide on purpose. This is because you in doing so are limiting the experience of other players by skipping your round. So someone elses traitor round gets shorter. Don’t be that guy

Writing/drawing inappropriate things on the walls with the use of weaponry
For instance, hitting the wall with your crowbar or shooting it with your gun to make it say something inappropriate or rude/offensive. Can allso be a drawing (genitals and such). Use common sense.

Claiming Areas
You are allowed to blockade a room to keep people from entering, but you may not block people from leaving or kill people who try to come through for the simple reason that they tried to get in even if you told them not to.

“Live check or KOS”
It shall be allowed to call “Live check or KOS” during a round. Only valid if you do it via text! If you say it via voice and someone does not respond and you kill them, that is an RDM.

“Live Check” – You may NOT kill anyone who does not respond.

“Live check or KOS” – you MAY kill anyone who does not respond via text.

When responding to a live check, you can have anything in the chat to show you are alive, this includes using the “quick commands” like “i see…” and “im with…” or something as simple as a single letter. You can also simply talk/say something to show that you are alive. If you are standing next to someone when it is called out, you can do the lifecheck for them. They may be tabbed out temporarily and should not be killed for that.