How to Play: Trouble In Terrorist Town

Want to avoid playing like a potato? This is the section for you! Welcome to the beginning of your journey towards becoming good at this gamemode! Here we will provide guidelines for how you should play on our servers. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help improve your experience.


Keep moving! – hugging walls/corners and standing still makes you a easy target.’
Try to avoid being in a room full of people – I’ve seen enough suicide bomb situations.
Stay away from known traitor traps and such.
Make sure to notify your innocent friends that you eliminated a traitor since you are pretty much “proven” to be innocent then.


You can recieve special equipment per the buy menu (C)
You have the ability to scan bodies once you successfully scanned one
As the detective you are of course proven – however that dosent mean that you are safe from the “innocent” people.
As the detective you are able to call “KOS” (Kill on Sight)on people – this can be useful if a traitor has been identified and needs to be eliminated.
You can also tell the innocents to enter the “traitor tester” since they pretty much “have” to listen to you. (If one is available on the map)


You can receive special equipment per the buy menu (C)
You can see your traitor teammates through walls and thus you can prevent mistakes from happening.
Most of the maps that we have on our server also have “traitor traps” on them – those can be a useful assest to the traitors depending on their lethality/usefulness.