How to Play: Prop Hunt

Want to avoid playing like a potato? This is the section for you! Welcome to the beginning of your journey towards becoming good at this gamemode! Here we will provide guidelines for how you should play on our servers. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help improve your experience.


While playing as a prop you have the ability to “leap” this can be achieved if you stand still and hold the left mouse button down and release it when the sound stops playing – if you release it too early or move then the leap will not be successful and you cannot perform another leaping attempt for a few seconds.
As a prop you also have the ability to lock your rotation – this can make looking around muuuch safer without giving away your position.
Try to be “original” with your spots – basically try to choose diffrent spots every round do not hide in the same spot the whole time as that may or may not be obvious.
You can “restore” your health if you switch from one prop to another prop (and then switch back to your original prop, if you feel like that) (This combined with props that have high HP values can almost grant you immortality)
Personally the troll-ish person that wrote this “guide” prefers barrels as a prop since they have high HP/movement values, they are perfect.
Try to avoid turning into “really” big props especially near walls as they will 100% get you stuck. (you can try to !unstuck but i cannot guarantee that it will 100% unstuck you.)
Try to avoid fall damage especially as a small prop with low hp values – We have had too much victims due to gravity.


Sometimes you can easily tell apart real props and player props by their weird shadows that they might or might not give off.
The player props will ocassionally be forced to taunt thus giving you a hint where they might be hiding at.
Save up your “plasma grenade” when you are at low HP – since the grenade will most likely kill you upon using it since the damage you take depends on how many props the grenade damaged and not on the detonation of the grenade itself.
Your “plasma grenade” can also stick to players, props aaand player props – You tag a player prop and they’ll go out with a bang.
Sometimes its better to use a shotgun especially on long range on small-ish player props.
The shotgun will obviously deal more damage but the UZI will deal more damage per second.