How To Play: Morbus

Want to avoid playing like a potato? This is the section for you! Welcome to the beginning of your journey towards becoming good at this gamemode! Here we will provide guidelines for how you should play on our servers. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help improve your experience.


Some General tips:

  • Use // in the chat to type globally. This is OOC chat and is only for non-round related things.
  • All weapons have their own specific weights. The heavier weapons that you carry, the slower you will walk. Keep this in mind and do not carry weapons that you will not use or have low ammo for.
  • If you find the body of a player, that means that they have most likely been infected and are now roaming around as a Brood Alien disguised as a human with the same name! Press the Use Key on the body to mark them as Brood/Alien in the Scoreboard
  • Check the scoreboard frequently, to stay on top of things. Here you can also mark people as statuses (click their name)
  • If you find someone that is marked as an alien, and you are not one; shoot them. Someone has found their body and they are proven to be an impostor!
  • As an alien, remember to use the Skill Shop (default key is C) to upgrade yourself (UPGRADES!)
  • If you kill humans as a brood alien that is in human form, you do not gain any evolution points.
  • As any kind of Alien, you can see other creatures through walls a certain distance. This view is not instant, but updates fairly frequently. You can extend the sight distance by spending skillpoints as a Brood Alien.
  • Special alien types such as the Evolved Brood Alien and the Cyborg Brood Alien grant passive boosts to the other Brood Aliens. Strategically, it is important to either keep them alive (as a member of the Alien team) or kill them off quickly (as a member of the Human team)
  • TLDR; Aliens: As as a Brood-type; act a bit as the traitor in TTT. Kill others without getting caught! Kill people in Brood Form (the SWEP). The swarm aliens will support you.
  • TLDR; Humans & Cyborgs: Stick together, make sure you can trust everyone and don’t run off and do your needs alone.


As a Human, your goal is to survive until either all brood aliens are dead, or the extraction time has been reached.
Humans have various needs that must be attended to, such as: EatingSleepingPeeping/PoopingShowering
These are situated on different parts of every map, and you must have performed the task at the location by using your Use Key at the objective to alleviate your need.

Alleviating a need leaves you in the dark for approximately 8 seconds, meaning that you will be completely defenseless during this time.
As such, it is important that you know who you can trust. Be on the lookout for alienous acts (see the list under rules) to figure out who the alien is. If you have solid proof, fire away! And always defend yourself. Make it to the end and help those you trust, and you can beat the scourge together!


The Cyborg… Half man, half machine, half bear, half pig.
As a Cyborg, you do not have any needs; and additionally take reduced damage compared to your human counterparts.
You are also able to carry certain heavy weapons that humans cannot carry, and are not as affected by weight as they are.
Upon infection and subsequent death, the Cyborg creates a unique type of alien (see Cyborg Brood Alien).

Brood Alien

As a Brood Alien, you are the main con-artist of the bunch. There are multiple types of Brood Aliens (see below), but we’ll first dive into the main one. The brood is an infiltrator-style creature with great destructive and traumatic capabilities.
It has a dark carapace and tail, with a lighter-shaded face and mandibles.

As a brood, you must infect the humans by killing them with your Brood Alien SWEP (melee) without getting caught. Once you infect someone, their old body will remain; and a new evolved being will emerge (another Brood Alien).

Hiding bodies is strategic and must always be considered. An important note is that Aliens cannot attend to any human needs. Meaning that you will never need to perform any of those tasks. This is also something that can give you away. So try to not stay with the same group for too long. Pick off stragglers and make them join your brood!

Evolved Brood Alien

The Evolved Brood Alien is a creature that is only sent-in if the humans have a Cyborg to protect them. Higher up in the evolutionary ladder, the Evolved Brood Alien is pale in its complexion and looks far more human-like than its Brood Alien counterpart.
As this alien type, you get 3 additional evolution points to spend in the shop at the beginning of the game. Any subsequent Humans that you infect will however become regular Brood Aliens.
In Brood Form, it has a unique sound and model befitting of the brood type.
As along as at least once of this alien-type is alive, all Brood Aliens variants receive a passive 15% damage reduction.

Cyborg Brood Alien

The most rare creature of them all… The Cyborg Brood Alien is a fusion of human technology and alien bioengineering. It is the result of a Cyborg getting infected and killed by aliens. This type of Brood Alien can in its machine form still carry heavy weapons and pose as a regular Cyborg, which will make the inevitable betrayal so much more fun; because nobody excepts it!
In Brood Form, it has a unique sound and model befitting of the brood type.
As along as at least once of this alien-type is alive and in Brood Form, all Brood Aliens variants receive a hefty damage bonus when using human weaponry.

Swarm Alien

The Swarm Alien is the baby of the bunch. Significantly less powerful, but it makes up for it with more variations in abilities and skills. They are generally used as cannon fodder to pressure the humans while the Brood Aliens make their move.

Useful commands

Any of these chatcommands can be bound to a key using bind <key> and you can use either ! or / as a prefix. Example of a bind is: bind z “say /friendly”

Tagging – You can tag people just by looking at them and typing any of the below commands
[Mark as Friendly]

Chatcommands: f, friend, friendly

[Mark as Suspicious]
Chatcommands: s, sus, suspicious

[Mark as Caution]
Chatcommands: c, caut, caution

[Mark as Brood]
Chatcommands: b, br, brood

[Mark as Swarm]
Chatcommands: sw, swa, swarm