How To Play: Hide & Seek

Want to avoid playing like a potato? This is the section for you! Welcome to the beginning of your journey towards becoming good at this gamemode! Here we will provide guidelines for how you should play on our servers. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help improve your experience.


Crouch jumping is really useful in hide and seek as it will allow you to reach new areas, aswell as allowing you to take shortcuts to already accessable areas. The “unique” feature our server has are “slappers” – you can use those to slap other people into new areas. While you can slap people to new areas you can also just “boost” them up by letting them jump on your head – or well by letting you jump on their head. Keep in mind that windows and vents are breakable – you can break them if you press the left mouse button on them.


Seekers will always be able to outrun hiding people as the seekers are faster in general. Crouch jumping will of course also work as a seeker – use it to your advantage. Slappers will also work for the seekers – boot your mates into the air! Of course you can also break windows and vents as a seeker – left mouse button to break stuff. As you might have guessed you can of course also boost seekers as a seeker – so keep that in mind.